Ah. November. You are the month of haze & autumn leaves, covered with a bit of spirituality.

It’s good to think about life every once in a while. Therefore, it’s the perfect month to snuggle down with a good book. Today, I started reading ‘Echt’ (that’s Dutch for ‘Real’) from former advertising man Guillaume Van der Stighelen. He wrote this essay for the second edition of the “Spiritual Month”. I have been stuck with my nose in it for hours; it’s great!

The book is an exploration of our dealings with authenticity. Guillaume is using a pendulum, like the one you find in science classrooms, to describe his meaning of life. From being out of balance, you can find rest. That rest can be disturbed by a host of other elements that are also desperately seeking some kind of balance themselves. ‘Echt’ is a useful reference point for a world ruled by social networks and collective experiences. 

This book is shining a different light on how I think about spirituality and life.

Highly recommended.


Back to Ghent!

LovelyGhent .

It’s the last week of my 3-month-long summer holiday and I must admit that I’m kinda excited about the new academic year. The Banaba International Business Management (sounds good, doesn’t it?) is this year’s brand new challenge for me. A new school, new people, new teachers and a lot of new subjects to learn about. I really wanted to study another year cuz I’m a bit of a studious person, I just like to learn new stuff (such as marketing and languages.) and there’s nothing wrong with that, is it?

I’m also looking forward to the fact that I’ll be spending more time again in Ghent. LovelyGhent, as I like to call my favourite Belgian city. My sister and I went to Ghent today to clean up the apartment, and just being there (although I was cleaning) made me feel so happy. We also went to Fnac (one of my favourite shops, I can spend hours overthere and not getting bored at all). We bought some new books as we are planning to buy some bookshelfs for the living room, to make it a bit more homely.  One of the books I bought is Held en Merk (that’s Hero Brand in English), written by Guillaume Van der Stighelen (one of the co-founders of Duval-Guillaume, a Belgian  idea-centric communications agency.) I started reading the first chapter at Hema while I was sipping from a delicious Hazelnutcoffee and eating a chocolate brownie. Yummèh.

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