My Lovemark: Nutella

This blog post is part of the course ‘Storytelling’ and is a homework for @DonFrodo. My first moment of opening a jar of Nutella is still painted in my mind. It made such an imprint in my mind and soul that I still remember the happy dance I did that day. That is why Nutella is my lovemark.

This is the story…

Once upon a time, there was a little Flemish girl who was fond of chocolate. Chocolate in all shapes and sizes. White chocolate in the shape of a tablet to nibble on out of your hands. Dark chocolate, which you can mel in a large mug of milk. Or Nutella, which the little girl smeared on her bread every morning.

Because she was still a little girl, her parents never allowed her to open the Nutella jar. With each new jar of Nutella that had to be opened, she secretly hoped that she could do it for once. Until the day her parents handed her over the large dark jar…

The girl turned the lid of the jar and shook it. She heard something rolling on the inside. As she carefully followed the instructions on the cover, an Idefix coin suddenly dropped out. She looked at it an proudly placed it next to her plate, and her large brown eyes wandered back to the jar.The golden piece of paper caught her attention. When she tapped it with her finger, it made a distinct sound, almost like a drum. She smiled and carefully tried to lift the golden paper in a whole by picking the right place to cut with her knife. Once she had the golden paper in her hands, she let her knife sink deep into the jar. A creamy chocolate-brown mass remained sticking to the knife. She slowly turned it around and put the knife in her mouth…

Years flew by and every morning, the Flemish girl remained faithful in putting Nutella on her bread. One day, when Idefix coins or other odds and ends no longer could be found in Nutella jars, the girl (who now was a young woman) decided to go and live for three months in the Italian hills of Bergamo. During weekends she went out to visit many other Italian cities. She tasted, besides embarrassing many Italian delights, among others: piadina’s con Nutella in mundane Milano Marritima, Nutella alla gelato at the Nutelleria of Bologna and brioche con Nutella in the centuries old Ferrara.

One day, when she was walking around in the bombastic Milano, her large brown eyes wandered again. This time she had a small grocery shop in her visual fields. An old man, his gray hair tightly combed back with gel, was busy carefully arranging tiny jars of Nutella (with a golden lid) on a shelf. The sweet memory of her first Nutellamoment bubbled up in her mind, just like San Pellegrino water. She went inside and immediately bought five little jars. With a smile on her face, she left the store and to this day, she still cherishes the little jars of Nutella.

Never underestimate the power of a great story…


Diva City Trippin’

Last weekend, one of my very best friends (I don’t like to use that word often, but in this case it is more than true), C. came to visit us, and we headed up to… Milano! I realized again how refreshing it can be to head out with my girl for fun times. The city was ours and the possibilities were endless.

C. likes:

  • Laughing
  • Talking (a lot)
  • Coffee
  • Cooking & Eating
  • Shopping
  • Sporting
  • … 

And so do I! Meeting up with her is always fun and makes my head explode with joy and yumminess. It felt so good to see her again, do the things we both like to do, no responsibilities, with good food and the world sitting at our feet…

Which city is next on our list, C.?

Un giorno a Milano

Milano: An overdose of pretty boys, designer shops, gelaterias and sunshine.

That’s how you can describe in one sentence how our day trip to Milano was. Jasmina and I decided to go there, 1st: because it rained cats and dogs the last time we went there 4 years ago. 2nd: it’s only 48 minutes away by train from Bergamo. 3th: why not?!

Our trip began in the train station of Bergamo. It was the first time we took the train in Italy, so it was a real challenge to explain the lady in the ticket office which tickets we exactly wanted. Thanks to my little book “Italian for Dummies” it was no problemo. Well, to be honest, it was almost no problemo… In Italy, train tickets are valid for 1 month and as we didn’t know that, we also didn’t know that we had to validate our tickets before stepping on the train, which caused a weird conversation with the train conductor when he explained us we had to pay a fine for not validating the ticket. (I can proudly announce that my sweat glands still work perfectly!) Thanks to our pout, our puppy eyes and our “but, sir, it’s the first time we take the train in Italy. No one explained us!”, we luckily came away with a warning and an evil grin from the conductor. Whew!

When we arrived in the train station, I was amazed by the huge old walls. You could almost smell history. On our way to Piazza Del Duomo, we went to Bianco Latte (as recommended by a boy with a very good taste). There, my excitement grew even bigger. Little was wanting or I had asked the owner if I could just stay there for the rest of my life. For real! I wich I could save the smell of the mix between coffee and ice-cream that was blissfully floating around in the air of the store and smell it every time I’m sad.

Instant happiness, I assure you!

After that, we went to the Lomography shop because I was out of rolls of film for my Diana Mini. Then we just strolled around the city, looking at people, buildings, shops, the sky…till we suddenly saw a bright white spot, bathing in the sunlight. With every step we took, our eyes were getting bigger, just like the Duomo, which was rising in front of us. Thanks to the perfect sky and light, this beautiful building looked that day like it does on an expensive postcard. It was almost like Duomo was getting her tan on.

One word: Belissimo!

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