Music Monday: Andreya Triana

And even though I can’t see far
I hold tighter and draw the stars

This little story began, as so many things do in life, with a simple cup of coffee. One day, Japanese illustrator Tokomo Shintani decided to draw on her paper coffee cup, to make the most of her 30min coffee break. The result is a series of miniature caffeinated works of art that flow from Starbucks coffee cups.  Although I’m not a big fan of Starbucks coffee, I love the way how it inspires artists to use it as a medium. Hooray for coffee. And hooray for creativity! And here are some tunes to celebrate the new week:


Music Monday: Parov Stelar

Ceci n’est pas une feuille

Parov Stelar’s album “Seven and Storm” (°2005) is perfect for those crisp and warm autumn mornings. When you listen to it, you just want to walk around on unfinished oak floors in your pyjama’s with a cup of  Mexican hot chocolate in your hands. The melodies are clean and jazzy, bubbling with a city-slick groove, covered with an infectious slow rhythm and yet very thoughtfully constructed. “Autumn Song” is a track that calls to my mind the colors of different autumn leaves. I’ve been playing it on repeat this morning. Happy Monday!

Music Monday: The Manhattan Transfer Anthology

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We love coffee, we love tea

This Music Monday is dedicated to my two sweeties @fannymaen & @charlottevdw_. Last weekend, we tried out some ‘new places to be’ in Antwerp. It was a day covered with cosiness and tittle-tattle (: We went to Mon Petit Bol, Jili and Viggo’s Coffee Bar and enjoyed some coffee, tea and many many sweets. What a lovely day!

Music Monday: Leesa

Music Monday: Wildcat! Wildcat!

And it’s another lonely day

Mix an airy synth up with some beautiful airy vocals & lyrics as icing on the top and you get this.

Wildcat! Wildcat! is a ‘dancy’ indie rock band that I recently discovered on the internet. Their singles “End Of The World Everyday” and “Mr. Quiche” have taken the internet by storm as they had international exposure before they even had a chance to complete their first album. A band to keep an eye on if you ask me.

If you dig it, take a look at their Soundcloud page where you can download these singles for free. Happy Monday!

Music Monday: Chairlift

I do know how to drive a car, faster than a man can run

Smoldering hot new music coming at you this Monday morning from Chairlift‘s new album ‘Something’. Thanks to @amoorie for shining a light on this one.

The song “Sidewalk Safari” is perfect for a groggy morning. Take a cup of hot coffee and you’re perfectly set for the week (: All texts handle about relationships, combined with remarkable stories and one-liners. Beware: after listening to “I belong in your arms”, the song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Not that you would mind (:

I will have more fantastic music coming at you thanks to Enchanté & Sony Music Belgium.

Okay, that was embarrassing. (Music Monday: Bonobo)

This train is
But my heart is stationary

Every morning, when it’s still dark outside, I’m on my train, heading to Leuven. And every morning, I listen to one of my favorite albums. Lately, I’ve been listening to Bonobo’s Black Sands album almost every day.

So last week, when I was sitting on the train (headphones on, eyes closed, world off), I was listening to Bonobo again. After about half an hour, when the train conductor came by to get my ticket checked, I took off my headphones. Suddenly, I noticed my music was playing out loud. Like, really loud. Not like: I can hear the bass-loud. No. It was more like: I can sing along-loud. Um, that’s not normal, right?

The following happened: while putting them on, the cable to my headphones must have unplugged itself for some reason. When I didn’t hear the music playing (which was normal, because headphones mute the noises around you), I put it louder with the corollary that the whole train compartment I was sitting in, was listening to Bonobo together with me. While I was taking a nap. Ha! ^^

Pretty embarrassing, no?

Classic Deborah (:

Music Monday: Netsky

Music Monday: Stereo Express

Some fresh tunes to start your week (:

Music Monday: Oh Land

How her restless mind keeps her up in the night

Happy Music Monday dearies!

Lately, I’ve been listening a lot to Oh Land. Since Spotify is available in Belgium, I’m always discovering and listening to ‘new’ music. The fun thing about Spotify is that you can click on ‘similar artists’. I discovered that Oh Land is similar to Sbtrkt & James Vincent McMorrow (:

It’s clear that Oh Land likes to play with contrast. The opening track ‘Perfection’, starts with a sensitive orchestral flourish. At first,  I even thought I was listening to Flying Lotus or Bonobo. Perfection is my favorite song of the album as Nanna Øland Fabricius’ voice reminds me a little of Florence + The Machine or Björk in that track.

Music Monday: James Blake

You’re in my blood like holy wine. You taste so bitter and so sweet

Music: James Blake// Song: A case of you

Music Monday: The Subways

Not gonna be the one to turn and walk away

Music: The Subways// Song: Money

Music Monday: Bonobo

Everytime I hear this song, it reminds me of my stay in Italy, where I met my amazing colleague Chiara.

This Lunedi Musicali is for her.

In this picture, Chiara stands between my nieces Tine & Anneleen.

Music Monday: Flying Lotus

Happy Monday morning everyone.
I loved loved loved my two days of rest this weekend. It was a time for me to slow down and catch my breath. Sometimes I have the feeling that there just aren’t enough hours in the day as I am always moving and my mind is always turning. But chaos is my spice of life, so I’m not complaining. At all!
This weekend, I was reminded about the fact that simple things that are also the most important things. Like reading a book outside on the terrace, drinking coffee and meanwhile soaking up some October sunshine. The feeling of warm rays of sunshine on your face is really priceless this time of the year.

Can I give you a tip?
Listen to Flying Lotus when you are soaking up again those rays next weekend (let’s hope so). Next to the warm feeling, you are also instantly relaxed. I remember that when I was watching the Flying Lotus performance on Dour Festival this summer, I could only see Steven Ellison’s big white smile dancing around the mixing tables. That in combination with his easily digestible music was just a.m.a.z.i.n.g .

Music Monday: Ed Sheeran

~ Breathing in snowflakes 

Today I want to introduce you to a great new voice: Ed Sheeran.

This 20 (!) year old redhead has been singing all week-long in my head and I must say that such a beautiful sweet voice is always welcome over there. My favorite is song on his first album “+”,  is The A Team. This single was released from the album on 10 June 2011, my birthday. Coincidence? I think not (:

Please go and discover his music if you also need to add a new sweet & talented voice in your head!

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