Sweet Family Moments: An English Afternoon Tea

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Tea is undoubtedly the most popular beverage in the world, next to water, with the longest and richest history. Behind a cup of tea there is a whole culture. The Japanese see tea drinking as a spiritual ceremony, while the Russians gather around the samovar for a chat. The British ladies couldn’t live without their afternoon tea, and in Morocco, pouring tea, is just amale thing.

India is the world’s largest supplier of tea, but it was in 2727 BC in China where tea was invented. Rumor has it that leaves from a Chinese plant fell into the boiling water of the sleeping Emperor Shen Nun. When he woke up, an amazing fragrance had filled the air. The rest is history…

This weekend, master Tea Sommelier Ann Vansteenkiste gave my nieces, aunts and myself a sneak peak into life as it was for the Britisch ladies. Tea was brought to Europe by the Dutch and the Portuguese. But it were the British that popularized tea as they invented the afternoon tea and high tea. These are served in the second half of the afternoon.

We gathered around a big table in my aunts homey home and tasted different types of tea. Each accompagnied by savory and sweet snacks & stories told by Ann. My taste buds are still enjoying the amazing tastes (:

A great way to spend a Sunday autumn afternoon if you ask me.


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