Diva City Trippin’

Last weekend, one of my very best friends (I don’t like to use that word often, but in this case it is more than true), C. came to visit us, and we headed up to… Milano! I realized again how refreshing it can be to head out with my girl for fun times. The city was ours and the possibilities were endless.

C. likes:

  • Laughing
  • Talking (a lot)
  • Coffee
  • Cooking & Eating
  • Shopping
  • Sporting
  • … 

And so do I! Meeting up with her is always fun and makes my head explode with joy and yumminess. It felt so good to see her again, do the things we both like to do, no responsibilities, with good food and the world sitting at our feet…

Which city is next on our list, C.?


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