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Instagram art

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Masterpiece plates

Architect/artist Hong Yi (aka Red) has been using a dinner plate as backdrop for posting elaborate food art on Instagram. Hong Yi, who also goes by the name Red, is an artist and architect who loves to paint without actually painting. This March, she decided to create a new image every day using food, posting the results on Instagram to keep her accountable. 

In addition, anyone inspired by the artist’s work is invited to post their own fun food photos on Instagram too. Hashtag your mashed potato mountain with #creativemarch, but considering the gauntlet Red has thrown done already, you’d better bring it.

Days without meat

flair 1 flair 3

Fun with Flair

My twinsister, Jasmina, and I have been very busy lately to invent some yummy recipes for you! These days, Days Without Meat is very popular among Flemish people. The concept was invented by student Alexia Leysen (24). Her dismay to the enormous impact of meat production resulted in 40 days of vegetarian fasting. I still like my occasional piece of meat, but Days Without Meat is good to raise awareness that we can perfectly live with less meat.

Jasmina and I created a one week menu for Flair Magazine to help you guys out with healthy veggie inspiration. You won’t even miss the meat! Now run to your nearest newsagent and start cooking.

Enjoy (:

Pictures by © Wout Hendrickx

Pärlans Konfektyr


This ‘sweet’ candy store is on my Stockholm to-do list!


Schermafbeelding 2013-02-18 om 14.48.55 Schermafbeelding 2013-02-18 om 14.48.40 12_15_12_ 1oohah_1
Loving this super adorable banana jam packaging. 

Ooh Ooh Ah Ah is all about fun, and Emilie Wildiers gets that point. In her small company, based in Belgium since 1985, she makes the most delicious jams, fruit jellies, syrups and marmalades. Her latest creations are banana-based jam recipes which are deliciously different. They’re a shareable delicacy for every member of the family, from choosy moms and dads, to the kids.

All jars are printed with cute monkeys on them (the No. 1 fan of bananas). The name she chose is unmistakable in any language. Say it out loud, and you can’t help but smile. “Nom-Nom” the monkey is not only the hero of the brand… he’s a new member of your family.

Curious about the delicious products of Emilie? To try them you will have to travel to Belgium because till now, that is the only country where they are sold. (lucky me!)

Designed By: Benji Peck. Agency: Peck & Co.

I’m a fool for your belly


This one’s for Louis

Everyone loves a good mystery in the music industry. (think about Burial & Four Tet) Last year, a band called Rhye began posting recordings on the Interwebzzz. Information about the band was scare. The only pictures we got to see were promotional photographs about a woman’s bare back and a woman’s bare torso, but no images of the musicians themselves.

The music held its own little mystery, a seductive blend of jazz, indie-rock and electronic pop, covered with openhearted lyrics about love and sex. Reviewing the Rhye song “3 Days” Paul Lester, a critic for the British newspaper The Guardian, wrote: “The girl, female, really, she’s a woman, she’s lived a life, she’s been hurt, she sings in that hesitant, barely emoting way that suggests she’s exhausted.” But the singer is neither girl nor woman. Rhye, it turns out, is two indie-music veterans, both male: Robin Hannibal, a Danish songwriter-producer, and Michael Milosh, a Canadian songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and a singer.

They just didn’t want people to be focusing on them. They wanted people to really hear the music first, without any preconceived notions. I pre ordered their ‘Woman’ LP, which will be available as from March 2013,  just in case it would we sold out immediately (: It’s a pity their concert in Brussels is already sold out though…

Perfect contrasts


Feeding swans

Plan all you want, but most absolutely perfect moments tend to require a bit of serendipity, rather than choreography.

Take, for instance, the example of photographer Marcin Ryczek, who recently happened to be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time to capture one of the most visually perfect pictures I’ve recently seen. In the photo, a man in dark clothes stands atop a snowy bank in Krakow, Poland, feeding ducks and swans as they float in the water (which is as dark as the snow is bright). Further delineating these stark contrasts, the photo is in black-and-white. All of the elements combine to turn a simple feeding into an almost unreal expression of contrast and symmetry.

A perfect harmony.

(via FastCoCreate)

Pavè Milano

pave 1

pave 3

pave 2


pave 4Ristorante Italiano

I’m looking forward THIS much to my next trip to Milano with Charlotte in May! It’s been a while since we diva city tripped together, so it will be a great opportunity to catch up. It’s hard to not talk every single day about what a beautiful country Italy actually is. Each two weeks, my Italian friend, Chiara, still sends me a text message to ask me how I’m doing. Talkin’ about a great friend!

Today, I came across this nice place in Milano on Pinterest (hey, follow me!) and I instantly cheered up when I saw the bright colours. This makes me want to visit Milano (although it will be my 7th time) even more!!


The pursuit of deliciousness

Totally my cup of…well…coffee!

If you’re into your coffee, then this really is the short film for you. Beautifully created by visual entertainment company Thrash Lab, the 12-minute video focusses on demonstrating how the magic happens every step of the way and what it takes to create the perfect cup.

In this episode of Subculture Club, Thrash Lab gives you an inside look at three of their favorite specialty coffee companies. They start off at the roasting plant for LAMILL Coffee, then visit the Oakland headquarters and cupping room for Blue Bottle Coffee Co. and then take you back to the roasting works at Handsome Coffee in downtown Los Angeles.

The things that happen in a coffee house are really magical! Watch and see how the taste, the look, the smell, the pour, the perfect cup and the traditional drinking experience of coffee is created by some of the experts in the business.

French bulldog

eddieI want a dog!

Lately, I’m considering the idea of taking a dog in the near future. The only problem is: I do not have a garden where the hairy quadruped can play in. Although there is a doggy-poop-park right in front of my door, which obviously is a nice bonus!

This weekend, my twin sister @jasminadekrem and I were cooking at @klijr’s homey home for @FlairBelgie. Her french bulldog ‘Eddie’ is the cutest dog I have EVER seen (except for Boo, of course ^^). Just look at his eyes!

Today, I found this video of Tillman, the skateboarding bulldog. Watch and be amazed!

Child of the 90’s

These ads made me smile last week. What makes you smile these days? (:

Music Monday: Lefto


Lefto Mixtape

This is what Lefto said about his mixtape

2nd “Winter Sun” Mix for you until January 6th – keeping you entertained with a few short 1 hour mixes, this one again, perfect for your cold winter nights, inside or outside in the rain/snow. No tracklist on my side, just a bunch of tracks I really feel right now, perfect for this kinda weather and mood. Enjoy…

Intelligentsia Coffee

You taste so bitter and so sweet

I love love love these video’s from Intelligentsia Coffee, a since 1995 Chicago based coffee-roaster-retailer. Besides Chicago, they are also located in Los Angeles and New York. I hope to visit one of their Training Labs in New York or Atlanta for a cupping workshop while visiting the U S of A.

Saving up my money! (:

Merry Christmas


May your days be merry and bright.

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